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Sit down, take a load off and stay awhile. Listen to my podcast Tall Hungry Girl Talks about navigating this thing called life or read some of my articles on personal and professional growth, mental health and travel.


PODCAST: tall hungry girl talks

Listen to my entertaining and informative podcast where I interview experts and friends about their insights and tips on improving everyday life. From managing mental health, navigating career and life changes to planning your next vacation, nothing is out of bounds and you will definitely learn something along the way and laugh in the process.



Tall Hungry Girl (or Boy—I haven’t forgotten about the men) is not just a playful slogan, but also a way of living. It means to stay hungry for life and actively and tenaciously pursue new life experiences through travel and healthy living - and grow in the process. This website is a platform for showcasing growth and sharing my lessons learned with others in the process.