The story of tall hungry girl

I’m tall and always hungry, to the point that several people over the course of my life have asked me if I have a tape worm (the answer is always no).

The name “Tall Hungry Girl” was born from my constant hunger and a comedic encounter with a grocery store clerk in 2008. While working at a production company, in between the long work hours, I made frequent trips to the neighboring grocery store. While I was out on vacation, the grocery store clerk, having noticed my absence, inquisitively asked my co-workers “Where is the tall hungry girl today?” The name stuck.

Tall Hungry Girl (or Boy—I haven’t forgotten about the men) is not just a playful slogan, but also a way of living. It means to stay hungry for life and actively and tenaciously pursue new experiences.

Today, I’m still hungry, still tall and constantly looking to learn, grow and share that knowledge with others in the process. This site is my platform for doing just that.

Stay hungry, my friends.

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