Tall Hungry Girl Talks is an entertaining and informative podcast about how to navigate this thing called life. Listen to hear interviews with experts and friends about their insights and tips on improving everyday life. From managing mental health, navigating career and life changes to planning your next vacation, nothing is out of bounds and you will definitely learn something along the way and laugh in the process.

Are you scared to make a career move? Tahira sits down with two entrepreneurs for an entertaining and real conversation about navigating career triumphs and challenges, and learning how to embrace failure as an opportunity for immense growth.

Tahira Hayes sits down with Dr. Doshi, director and psychologist at Mind Body Health and discusses navigating the circuitous process of grief management, how to support others who are grieving and how to grow through the process.

Sensitivity and empathy are often deemed to be a weakness. In this podcast Tahira Hayes and a friend explore the benefits of being empathetic and how to protect yourself against energy suckers.

In this hilarious and informative episode, Tahira Hayes and a friend discuss all things boundaries - the side effects of not having any, how to create healthy boundaries and how to respect others who have them as well. Keep your note pad handy because you'll surely walk away with some useful tips on how to apply things in your own life.