Sunday servings and 60 minutes

For anyone who has known me longer than a week, it’s likely you know that 60 minutes is my favorite show. Ever. Andy Rooney will forever be my favorite curmudgeon. And, as a proud journalist and someone who used to work in television news, I have a great appreciation for the high-quality of reporting that goes into the show. It’s also a favorite past time for my mother and me. We generally send each other text messages throughout the show, commenting on our thoughts. It’s become customary for me to cook dinner while happily playing 60 minutes in the background, and thus Sunday Servings and 60 Minutes was born! Every week I’ll feature various dishes I’ve made for Sunday dinner.


Short ribs, mushroom risotto, thyme roasted carrots, zucchini pesto boats

This week’s dinner was as delightful and amazing as the 60 minutes interview Anderson Cooper had with newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.